J & D Crab Pot Company

helping you catch crabs since 1977

Providing Commercial Fishing supplies since 1977!


Many of our items can be built to suit your needs! If you don't see the size you need that doesn't mean we don't have it. A simple call could get you exactly what you are looking for.

Commercial Fisherman are privy to special discounts. All the prices listed are typical retail prices. If you are a Commercial Fisherman and are able to provide proof then you are subject to a discount. We try to take care of our Commercial Fisherman so they are able to continue providing us with great seafood and business.

Any questions (about items or services) can be voiced through a quick phone call to J&D Crab Pot Company. Simply visit our contact page and call us during our business hours to get all your questions and concerns addressed.

                                             -J&D Crab Pot Co.

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